Kirksville title company owner sentenced

The owner of the former Adair County Title & Escrow in Kirksville was sentenced Wednesday to one year and one day in federal prison. (John Garlock/KTVO)

A former northeast Missouri title insurer who had her license revoked in 2015 is headed to federal prison.

Nancy Porter of Kirksville ran Adair County Title and Escrow in Downtown Kirksville.

She was sentenced Wednesday in federal court in St. Louis to one year and one day in prison.

That sentence comes after Porter pleaded guilty earlier to one federal charge of wire fraud.

Officials told KTVO Porter will have to serve at least 85 percent of her sentence. After that, she could be released early for good behavior.

Two years ago, state investigators found that Porter's title company had been issuing non-existent title insurance policies by saying they were underwritten when, actually, they were not.

As part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, Porter acknowledged her company also fraudulently collected and kept payments from dozens and dozens of clients for more than two years.

Porter also admitted that her company employed unlicensed insurance agents for three years beginning in early 2012.

The court agreed to allow Porter to voluntarily surrender. It is unknown when she will start serving her one-year sentence.

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