Kraus, Ashcroft continue throwing shade ahead of primary

Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee's Summit (Photo: KTVO)

The friction between two Republican candidates for Missouri Secretary of State got even hotter Tuesday.

In the run-up to August’s statewide primary, candidates Jay Ashcroft and Sen. Will Kraus, R-Lee’s Summit, haven’t pulled many punches in trying to convince voters that they’re the right choice for Secretary of State. Or failing that, that the other person isn’t the right choice.

The back-and-forth has become increasingly personal, with each saying that the other isn’t qualified to hold the office.

“Well, Jay Ashcroft and I—I grew up on a small farm in rural Missouri. My dad worked in the factories,” Kraus told KTVO, addressing the differences between himself and his opponent. “Jay grew up in the governor’s mansion. I started my military career over 24 years ago—tomorrow it’ll be 24 years—and I’m still in the Missouri National Guard. Jay started at the Merchant Marine Academy—failed to graduate, failed to fulfill his obligation to serve in the United State military.”

Ashcroft’s Merchant Marine record is the latest focus of Kraus’s campaign.

A recent poll showed that Ashcroft has a commanding lead over Kraus among likely Republican voters with 48 percent saying they would vote for Ashcroft, and only 11 percent for Kraus. But 35 percent polled were still undecided.

Missouri primary elections will be held Aug. 2.

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