Libertyville Elementary to close this fall

Libertyville will be without an elementary school this fall.

At its regular meeting Monday night, the Fairfield School Board voted to close Libertyville Elementary.

For several months, the district has been facing $850,000 worth of budget cuts, and Libertyville Elementary was high up on the list of potential cuts.

Several parents and community leaders are disappointed with the board’s decision, and even a few board members were against the idea.

Including Paul Miller, who is concerned this decision will drive families out of the district.

“It has been an integral part of our school district,” Miller said. “Without Libertyville, we no longer have the neighborhood schools that would be associated with Fairfield. We’ll now be down to two elementary (schools).”

The school has formed a committee to arrange placement for the 82 students attending Libertyville now.

Miller said the district is considering a grade-alike structure, which means elementary schools in the district would be broken up based on grade rather than neighborhood and proximity.

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