Libertyville looks to find replacement for former school building

The city of Libertyville and the Fairfield Community School District have partnered with FEDA to find a replacement for the city's former elementary school./KTVO.

Libertyville, Iowa is looking to re-purpose its former elementary school.

In an effort to do so, the Fairfield Community School District and the city have worked together to create a request for proposal.

Libertyville Mayor Rod Nelson says they’re also working with the Fairfield Economic Development Association and local developers to spread the word.

“Hopefully with those avenues, we’re going to see a lot of outside influence. That’s our goal anyways,” said Nelson.

Nelson says they hope to make a decision by Jan. 30. If they can’t find a business to occupy the one-story building, the school district will either sell it back to the city or demolish it.

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