Local fishing group helping fish habitat to thrive


    A small fishing club is working to make a big difference in a local lake.

    A group of four men worked to clear cedar trees, and on Thursday, 75 trees were put into the Lancaster City Lake to help create an environment for fish to thrive.

    “It’s going to be a good fish habitat, and it should improve angler success as well the habitat, mainly pan fish, like crappie and bluegill,” said Missouri Conservation Agent Shannon Smith.

    The fisheries and biologist crews spent Thursday morning sinking the cedar trees with cinder blocks, and marked them, so anglers can identify where they are.

    Getting the trees there was thanks to the work of four local men. Daniel Jackson, Ricky Yearns, Harley Dockery, and Tyler Robinson cut down the trees and brought them to the dock.

    “The conservation department appreciates their work very much,” said Smith. “It’s a lot of work to cut those trees and bring them up here.”

    Smith told KTVO the impact of the new habitat could be seen as early as this spring.

    “Fish are drawn to any type of cover. This lake is about 45 acres in size, and it just doesn’t have a whole lot of cover,” Smith explained.

    Smith added that the trees installed on Thursday will decay in the next few years, so more will needed to be added in the future.

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