Local Girl Scouts learn art of sewing, create quilt squares

For two weekends this fall, multiple Girl Scout troops from Kirksville and La Plata gathered at the Kirksville Arts Center. (KTVO/Ashley Hoak)

Creations by a group of Heartland Girl Scouts will soon be on display in a museum.

The girls put their math skills and creativity to work to design their own quilt square.

For two weekends this fall, multiple Girl Scout troops from Kirksville and La Plata gathered at the Kirksville Arts Center.

Kneka Smith, a volunteer for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri says members of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild and the Kirksville Arts Association taught the girls the art of sewing.

"Girl Scouts is always looking for women to share their interests and their passions and to be role models for girls."

The women helped the girls in their quest to design quilt squares for the 2018 School Block Challenge - which is put on by Moda Fabrics and the National Quilt Museum.

"The National Quilt Museum is in Kentucky and they offer youth from kindergarten through 12th grade the opportunity to put together a quilt square and submit it as part of a competition by age and grade level."

All entries submitted will be exhibited in the museum during the first quarter of the new year.

While learning to sew for the challenge allows the girls to show off their creations, Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild member Andrea O'Brien says it's also helping them in a different way.

"The skill of sewing is starting to be kind of a long lost art that even if you need to sew a hem or you rip out a seam on a shirt or something like that, you need to learn how to fix that."

And 12-year-old Kamron Rice echoes that sentiment.

"You never know when you'll need it when you get older and stuff. It might really help if you lose a button on a jacket or something."

As part of the challenge, the girls had to use three fabrics that had to be included in their quilt blocks.

Kirksville Arts Association President Linda Treasure says it was great to see all the different designs the girls came up with.

"I'm looking at the quilt blocks that they are making and thinking, I wish I could do this. They have really done a fantastic job putting quilt blocks together and having fun. Art should be fun."

Overall, Smith says the time spent with art lovers in the community was beneficial, and is greatful they took the time to help the Girl Scouts with the challenge and skills.

"It's wonderful because the girls have met each of them, at least one woman in the community that they didn't know who has come beside each girl and shown them some skills."

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