Local high school student invents mouthwash to help preserve teeth

Pranav explains part of his project. (KTVO)

Inquisitiveness plus dedication and research.

When Pranav was in 7th grade, something enticed his curiosity. He wanted to know why some people lose their teeth.

He conducted research and experiments and found that processed sugar causes teeth decay.

"Eating unrefined sugar is good for preventing systemic diseases especially eating unrefined starches like whole wheat. So, I decided to compare that, my research is actually the first to do it on the oral microbiome level and what I found was that eating unrefined sugar, which is rich in polyphenols is able to prevent biofilm formation and maturation," said student and researcher Pranav Chhaliyil.

Now that Pranav found the problem to teeth decay, he wanted to come up with a solution.

"I actually invented a mouthwash that’s rich in polyphenols and it includes my previous tested and developed Nano charcoal and I was able to compare the microbiome looking at the DNA sequencing and for my subjects who ate porridge that contained the white sugar, they were still able to the early colonization and biofilm formation by using the mouthwash. So, it’s a healthier alternative," Pranav explained.

Even though Pranav has been very successful, he has kept his feet on the ground.

"We’re very proud of him, he set a great example to other students because he is not only highly achieved, but we see the support that he gives to his peers here at the school as well. So, just deep pride," said Richard Bell, Maharishi School Administrator.

And Pranav has some words of advice for future researchers.

Don’t under estimate the potential of your ideas—that would definitely be one thing. Another thing is prioritize what’s important for you and make sure you try to accomplish that. And I always believe that in order for you to succeed, its important for you to also give back," said Pranav.
Pranav was also named as a scholar for the Regeneron and Society for Science & the Public. Each scholar receives a $2,000 award with an additional $2,000 going to the school they attend. He says he is thankful for this nomination.Pranav is also currently working on making his product available for purchase across the county.You can click HERE for more information on Pranav's product.
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