Local personal trainer keeps the Heartland's New Year fitness resolutions on track

Many people make New Year’s resolutions involving fitness.

However, many gyms become empty by the end of January.

Lone Star Physiques owner and trainer Stephanie McGrew has some tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle year round.

“The biggest thing you can do is plan and I think that is the hardest part for everyone because everyone has life. They have kids, they have family they have work they have to worry about. So they are trying to squeeze in this new routine on top of their already chaotic hectic routine. The number one thing that I tell most is as uncomfortable and how hard it may be sometimes early morning is the most efficient time for a workout,” said McGrew.

A common excuse is not having enough time.

But spending 15 minutes on social media is equivalent to a quick home workout.

“There’s actually a lot of great things that you can do especially at home. I know a lot of people scroll through social media and watch Netflix so I always tell people try to find something you can do even with your family in between commercial breaks while you’re scrolling on the internet. If you go to a gym that has internet capabilities, I know my personal thing I watch a few Netflix shows and I only watch them when I’m on the treadmill,” said McGrew.

Working out is only a small portion of maintaining a healthy body.

Stephanie suggests eating a diet full of protein to maintain a healthy diet.

Typically a lot of people just aren’t eating enough protein and I tell all my clients to get on a multivitamin. Just because everybody’s body is deficient in some kind of vitamin. So having a multivitamin will ensure your body is getting the body needs. Also drink more water. A lot of people aren’t drinking plain water,” said McGrew.
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