Local school board considering allowing teachers/admins to carry concealed firearms

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A heartland school district is deciding whether to allow teachers and administrators to be designated as school protection officers.

The Bevier C-4 School District Board of Education hosted a public hearing Wednesday night on the subject.

Public school districts in Missouri can designate teachers or administrators to be school protection officers, who are authorized to carry concealed firearms, after several steps are taken.

One of the first steps for a district to allow teachers to carry concealed firearms happened Wednesday at Bevier by hosting the public hearing.

Following state law, board members say a notice of the hearing was published at least fifteen days before in a local newspaper.

No one shared their opinions at the meeting on Wednesday.

Next, it's up to the board to decide whether or not to allow the school protection officer designation.

According to state law,

Chapter 160
*160.665. School protection officers, teachers or administrators may be designated as — authorized to carry concealed firearms — requirements — public hearing to be held, when. — 1. Any school district within the state may designate one or more elementary or secondary school teachers or administrators as a school protection officer. The responsibilities and duties of a school protection officer are voluntary and shall be in addition to the normal responsibilities and duties of the teacher or administrator. Any compensation for additional duties relating to service as a school protection officer shall be funded by the local school district, with no state funds used for such purpose.
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