Local school district on the cutting edge of technology

It might be one of the smaller school districts in southeast Iowa, but it is on cutting edge of technology when it comes to classroom education.

The Cardinal Community School District has plans to purchase more than 500 tablets next year for their students and teachers.

Currently the district is using Mac-Books for instructional use, but as those are replaced by the new tablets, teachers will be able to do more than what they could with the Macs.

â??We are getting Android based tablets next year that are also integrated with a program called â??CurriculumLoft.â?? Where we fell before, is we did not integrate the Mac-Books with the curriculum. We just gave it to them expecting them to see results. â??CurriculumLoftâ?? will actually deliver content right to the tablets. Teachers will be able to use â??CurriculumLoftâ?? to deliver that content based on their grades, whatever teacher it is, they just send it out to that student,â?? stated Cameron Chamberlin, Technology Director for the Cardinal Community School District.

Chamberlin says that the district is moving away from the textbook model.

â??We are looking at actually going away from a textbook model to create your own textbook model so teachers will be able to create their own textbooks within the tablets. Also, they will be able to deliver more rich content. They will be able to deliver video, any kind of PDF through â??CurriculumLoftâ?? and they will be able to do that,â?? said Chamberlin.

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