Local union pursues civil action against Bemis

The Bemis plant in Centerville, Iowa (Chris Arbino/KTVO)

A civil trial is underway this week involving a Heartland business.

Bemis, one of Centerville, Iowa’s largest employers, has been taken to civil court by the Graphic Communication Conference/International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 727-S (GCC/IBT) labor union.

According to their website, Bemis manufactures packaging for food, healthcare, and other industrial uses.

A citizen who is following the case closely tells KTVO that years ago, Bemis was one of the most sought-after employment opportunities in Centerville.

However, numerous employees have been fired recently, and many of those who have been terminated feel that they lost their jobs unjustly.

“We’ve had several people that have been terminated, positions changed without justified reasons they feel, so we’re trying to get some answers to that and get some of them vindicated,” said Veronica Simpson.

The GCC/IBT then filed a complaint with the National Labor Relation Board, who investigated the labor union’s claims.

After their investigation, the National Labor Relation Board then filed a civil suit against Bemis.

Former employees that have been terminated were called to the stand today to give their account of interactions with leadership at Bemis and why they were eventually terminated.

Bemis clearly disputes those allegations brought up by the labor union.

The trial is ongoing and is expected to take at least the next couple of weeks to conclude.

Because the trial is still ongoing, representatives from both sides were unable to provide comment to KTVO this afternoon.

According to their website, Bemis was based out of Neenah, Wisconsin, but was purchased on August 6th for $6.8 billion by Australian based Amcor Limited.

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