Local woman celebrates turning 110-years-old

Naomi Curtright, right, celebrates her 110th birthday with her friends (KTVO)

On December 4, 1908, Naomi Curtright was born in Madison, Missouri, the same year Theodore Roosevelt was president.

At her birthday party at Loch Haven Senior Living Community on Tuesday, Naomi reflected on her 110 years.

“I love life,” she said. “It’s been precious to me. Life has been precious.”

Naomi was married for 55 years, but didn't have any children.

She became a resident at Loch Haven at age 107.

Her former neighbors said even at age 100, she would still be doing outdoor chores like scooping snow off the sidewalk and cleaning out the gutters.

Naomi told KTVO that she doesn’t have a secret to living to 110, but is just doing what God wants her to.

Throughout her life, she worked a variety of jobs in Kansas City, where she lived with her husband.

Some of her most memorable included working in a dress shop and a flower shop.

Her friends say she has a great sense of humor, and still surprises them with witty comebacks.

As for wisdom to share, she remembers to this day instructions from her mother.

“My mother taught us to behave ourselves,” Naomi recalled. “And to be respectable to everybody. Never pass anybody up without saying something, or just talking a little.”

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