Loebsack shares thoughts on major issues

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Congressman Dave Loebsack was in Bloomfield, Iowa Friday afternoon. KTVO spoke to him about a variety of topics that may concern Heartland residents. One of them being the situation in North Korea.

With tensions rising, Loebsack says he believes the main thing President Donald Trump needs to do is change his rhetoric to mediate the situation.

“I really wish that our diplomats could play a much larger role in all this and I just wish the president would listen to cooler heads. And, I wish that’s what he’s doing at this point because I do really worry about what’s going to happen."

Loebsack says he’s not too concerned about war heads reaching Iowa.

As far as taxes, the Congressman believes tax cuts may be necessary.

“We all want simplification, but we also want competitive rates, whether it’s in the corporate world or certainly for individuals. But, my own view is that the top one percent does not need a tax cut, but for much of the rest of America, it’d be great if they could have a tax cut, especially the lower income and middle income folks."

We also asked Loebsack his opinion on the replacement of the Affordable Care Act. He says most Iowans don’t want it to be repealed and replaced, but rather for both Democrats and Republicans to work together.

“Take heed of what our constituents are saying and just now sit down, talk about how we can fix this. And, especially stabilize the insurance market. That’s the big problem right now, the insurance companies don’t know what is happening, they don’t know what to expect and that’s a big part of what’s going on."

The Congressman will be running for re-election in 2018 and Dr. Christopher Peters, a Republican from Coralville, has already announced his decision to run against him. But, Loebsack says he’s not concerned about that right now, instead he says he’s more focused on doing his job and being a congressman.

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