Longtime Ottumwa residents get new home from Habitat for Humanity

The sign out front of the new home on Wabash Ave. in Ottumwa (KTVO)

An Ottumwa family has a new place to call home after nearly a year of hard work and help from Habitat for Humanity.

Jodi and Dennis White, who have both lived in Ottumwa for over 30 years, recently became the owners of a new house on Wabash Avenue.

More than a year ago, the Whites were struggling to keep their home and eventually had to move.

That’s when Dennis saw a Habitat for Humanity sign on a different house in Ottumwa, and decided to apply to see if they could help.

Much to their surprise, the volunteer organization accepted their application, and began construction on the home last April.

The White’s are already fully invested in their new house. They’re required to put in a certain amount of hours, called sweat equity, to help build the home.

They also will pay an interest free mortgage on the home as part of their commitment.

The White’s hope more volunteers come out in the future.

“It helps your community to get a new home and it could go even faster if we could get more of the community in and help and be a community all in one, working together,” Jodi White said.

To find out how you can become a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Ottumwa, visit the Habitat for Humanity website.

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