Losing backfill would take $239k from Wapello County, supervisor says

At its regular meeting Tuesday, the Wapello County Board of Supervisors is expected to pass a resolution that asks state lawmakers to reconsider/KTVO

Wapello County supervisors are keeping a close eye on a property tax bill this week, that if approved, would take thousands of dollars out of their budget.

The Iowa house advanced the bill earlier this month, that is designed to scale back on the state's backfill payments. The payments started in 2013, when lawmakers decided to cut commercial property taxes in Iowa. As a result, the state agreed to pay back any revenue lost to the tax cuts.

Legislators have said this session, that the state can no longer afford to make those payments.

Which means Wapello County could lose $239,164 in the next three years.

Supervisor Brian Morgan told me rising property taxes isn't an option, because Wapello County has already reached its limit. That puts critical services, including infrastructure, public safety and education, on the chopping block.

“That $239,000 in three years, that's a huge part when it comes to balancing our budget, with us not having to cut services to people in the communities," Morgan said.

At its regular meeting Tuesday, the board of supervisors is expected to pass a resolution that asks state lawmakers to reconsider.

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