Macon Police Department connects to residents

"Coffee with a Cop" is a continuation of a national day the Macon Police Department took part in last month. (Louis Finley/KTVO)

Officers from the Macon Police Department were out early Wednesday morning to network with the community. They're connecting with Macon residents through creating conversations in coffee shops.

It's called "Coffee with a Cop." The concept is a continuation of a national day the officers took part in last month. They simply go to a coffee shop and sit down with customers to have a friendly conversation.

"It's just getting out there, talking to people, making sure everyone's on the same page," said Macon PD Interim Police Chief Adam Dawdy.

It's a way to connect with residents, but it's also an introduction for Interim Chief Dawdy, who entered his new position a few months ago.

"He's been very busy in the last couple months just getting accustomed to the job itself and going to some training, so today's his first participation in "Coffee with a Cop" and we hope it will just be one of many," said Macon PD Administrative Assistant Modeste Ewing.

A representative from the Missouri State Highway Patrol was also in attendance.

Ewing said the police department hopes to continue to hold these chats, which will be held at a different location each time.

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