Magical for everyone: Fairy Godmother excited to match girls with perfect gown for prom

There are no pumpkins turning into carriages – but there is a lot of magic happening in the Heartland to help girls feel like princesses.

There are no pumpkins turning into carriages – but there is a lot of magic happening in the Heartland to help girls feel like princesses.

“We’re able to provide dresses for girls that wouldn’t normally have been able to, or maybe would have been intimidated to go into a store and look at $500 and $600 dresses and we’re able to provide them with gowns completely free,” said Stephanie Ahrens-Mills, co-creator of the Fairy Godmother organization.

“Now that we have this new space, when girls come in to pick out a dress they get the real feel of shopping in a boutique,” Fairy Godmother co-creator Jenn Vaughn said.

Fairy Godmother's mission is to, 'provide young girls in foster care or in financial need with obtaining formal wear for school events, while helping build self confidence and creating a sense of community.'

The first year – bridal shops generously donated around 100 unworn dresses. But this year, the organization is now able to offer ten times as many gowns.

“We reached out to some of our friends who own bridal shops across the united states and we were just flooded with generosity,” Mills said. “I can’t remember the exact number, but over 15 shops donated, and we now have over 1,000 gowns which is just amazing.”

“To put this into perspective, when we first started I housed all of the dresses in two cubicles in my office and with the generosity we’ve received with all of these additional dresses we had to get a bigger place and now we have an 800-square foot boutique,” Vaughn said.

The Fairy Godmother organization is now seeking teens who are ready to shop for this year’s prom.

“For our referral process, if you want to speak with your guidance counselor, or social worker, or to the juvenile office, or visit our Facebook page, or our website, the link is there,” Mills explained. “It will ask you a couple of questions, and you will want to have somebody like a school guidance counselor help you through that process.”

Mills and Vaughn are excited to receive the referrals, and to match girls with their perfect gowns for prom.

“Last year we were able to help about 40 girls,” Vaughn said. “We had such a fun time meeting with them, and helping them pick their dream dresses, it was just so magical for everyone involved.”

“We have different textures, different colors, what we also wanted to make sure that we covered different sizes,” Mills said. “We have anywhere from size zero all the way up to size 30, which is incredibly important to us. We have every kind of style, fit, silhouette you could possibly think of.”

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