Man accused of trying to burn step-daughter demands, gets speedy trial

Shane Ryan will now stand trial on Jan. 30, 2018./Wapello County Sheriff's Office

An Ottumwa man accused of attempting to kill his step-daughter as been granted his demand for a speedy trial.

Shane Ryan was schedule to go to trial in February on Attempted Murder, Arson and Burglary charges.

But on Nov. 21, Ryan demanded he be tried within 90 days.

That means Ryan's trial will now have to start on Jan. 30 to meet that deadline.

The charges stem from a June 16, 2017 incident on Wabash Avenue on Ottumwa’s south side.

Prosecutors allege Ryan attempted to set his house on fire using diesel fuel while his wife and step-daughter were inside.

Court documents go on to say that Ryan poured diesel fuel on his step-daughter before lighting the house on fire.

The wife and step-daughter escaped, but the house was severely damaged.

If convicted, Ryan could face 25 years each for the Arson and an Attempted Murder Charge.

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