Mark Twain Transmission Project opposition continues in Knox County

Those in opposition of the Mark Twain Transmission Project continue to share their fears and concerns, this time, in Knox County.

Neighbors United is the grassroots organization formed to oppose the project by the Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois, and residents of Knox and surrounding counties joined forces with the group to meet with county commissioners. On Tuesday, Adair County Commissioners sent a formal letter opposing the project to the Public Service Commission in Jefferson City.

Now, Knox County Commissioners are questioning whether they should do the same. The commissioners heard from a number of landowners.

Many are concerned about property value decreasing. Schuyler County resident David Sidwell told KTVO he was in attendance to speak on behalf of his parents, and their land.

"Anyone out there that thinks it makes good business sense to receive cash for an easement in one hand while your property is permanently lowered in value in the other hand, that's too bad if that's the way you reason. For those of you out there who have dollar signs in your eyes at the expense of your neighbors and my 90 year-old parents, shame on you," Sidwell said.

Also in attendance at the meeting, was Peggy Ladd, a spokesperson for Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois. Ladd and landowners disagreed when it came to discussing if the project was needed.

Neighbors United members believe that it is their constitutional right to keep the transmission project from crossing over their land.

"We feel like this is a violation of that, and we feel more and more strongly that it's important to preserve that for our children and grandchildren, and if we don't wake up and start defending it, it's going to be gone soon," said Deborah Games, a member of the organization.

Knox County Commissioners are now in the process of going through comments from the hearing on Friday, in order to make a final decision on writing a resolution opposing the project to the Public Service Commission.

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