Mark Twain Transmission Project to proceed with construction

Mark Twain Transmission Project proceeds with construction (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

Earlier this month, the Mark Twain Transmission Project was granted final approval by the Missouri Public Service Commission.

It has taken three years for the project to get to the point of construction.

“Where we are today is a really good place, and we’re very excited to take the next step," Project Manager Jim Jontry said.

Jontry says he did not expect to undergo so many setbacks, but he says Ameren is ready to move forward.

“Our next steps like we said, we’ll be reaching out to landowners and start discussing the next processes like construction and land acquisition. We’ll be sending letters very soon.”

Those against the project feared it would negatively impact agricultural production, land values and the health of those living near the high-powered transmission line.

However, Neighbors United, a group in opposition of the line, came to an understanding with Ameren in December.

Jontry says construction should start in May of this year.

“Depending on how the land acquisition goes, that will indictate how we do construction on the transmission line. And we will also be building the substation south of Kirksville starting in May.”

The transmission line will be approximately 100 miles and run through Adair, Knox, Lewis, Marion, and Schuyler counties.

Jontry says the line builds a secure energy future for Missouri.

“It increases access to renewable types of energy like wind and access to lower costs portion of energy too.”

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