MDI collecting holiday lights to recycle

MDI collecting holiday lights to recycle (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

It's that time of year again, to decorate your home with Christmas lights.

This year, instead of throwing your damaged lights away, one local recycle center is encouraging families to recycle their broken holiday lights this season.

“Your planet is the only one you have if you’re not protecting it and doing your part, its a waste, and its a terrible waist", said manager of Macon Diversified Industries Dede Spidle.

Macon Diversified Industries, a local recycle center in Macon is collecting damaged holiday lights to recycle at their center.

“Recycling used lights is beneficial because it keeps a very large waste stream out of our land fill and we are happy to help our residents to be able to recycle holiday string lights," said Spidle.

Spidle says the copper in the wires is what they're after.

“I have one or two people that clip the lights from the strings and we can recycle those wires and I have another couple of people that actually use a machine to strip the casing off the bigger wires."

The program started three years ago after MDI received a grant from the Mark Twain Sold Waste District.

The district is designed to help reduce waste in Macon and six other counties.

“It was kind of a Missouri wide effort to keep valuable waste out of the landfill on part of the region," said Spidle.

Drop off bins are available until January 12th.

They are located at 4 locations including Walmart, Westlake Ace Hardware, C&R Market, and Prenger Foods.

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