MDI looking to hire employees with disabilities

MDI looking to hire employees with disabilities (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

Macon Diversified Industries is looking to fill their recycling laborer and processing job positions.

But, they are specifically looking to hire individuals who have disabilities.

The company has employed around 18 people who have disabilities and are looking to hire five more.

Office manager Dede Spidle says people with disabilities are not always able to find jobs in the community that are appropriate to their needs.

Spidle says the Sheltered Workshop in Macon works one-on-one with their staff to create a work environment that suits everyone.

“ Here it is examined and looked at that they are going to need a little bit of extra guidance. A little bit of extra help. A little bit of consideration for those kinds of things. Where as a job out in the community may not be able to afford an employee all that. At the workshops we can.”

Both jobs are being offered under the Extended Employment Program for the Sheltered Workshop.

This means someone with a disability needs to be certified through the state to be apart of the program.

The company will work with job seekers who are not certified to become certified.

You must apply in person.

For more information visit

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