Meet this week's Ag Kid: Morgan Baker

16-year-old Morgan Baker of Kirksville

Meet 16-year-old Morgan Baker of Kirksville. Her interest in agriculture began when she was 6 years old and she got involved in 4-H showing and raising horses. Then when she joined the Kirksville FFA in high school, she wanted to do something different. Thatâ??s when she decided to focus on horticulture.

"We needed someone to carry on the mums, strawberries and plants. Thought it could be something I can do. I love the greenhouse. It's fun and different. I love being out there and growing all the plants. It's really fun,â?? Baker said.

In this past year, Morgan has been growing mums in the summer and plans to sell them this fall. It has required a lot of responsibility and tender loving care but Morgan said it has been a learning experience.

"You have to plant them in small pots. Water and fertilize them daily. Plant them again in bigger pots,â?? Baker said.

Morgan has also been able to enjoy some fun moments planting this year already.

"I really enjoyed mixing the soil. It was really fun. I got dirty and got mud up to my elbows,â?? Baker said.

Morgan plans to keep agriculture in her life as it has influenced her positively in so many ways.

"I don't think I could let it go. It's a part of me and what I do. I can't do anything without it. It's everything I do,â?? Baker said.

When not in the greenhouse planting, Morgan is hunting out in the great outdoors or playing golf. She plans to go college in Kentucky and study ag education and veterinary medicine.

Congratulations Morgan on being this week's Ag Kid.

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