Memories shared at community Christmas dinner

Memories shared at community Christmas dinner ( Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

A traditional Christmas meal served with turkey and ham; and a visit from Santa and fellowship among family and friends.

That's what attendees of the 5th annual Kirksville Community Christmas dinner experienced Sunday night at Truman State University.

"I think it's beneficial because it brings the entire community together regardless of their background," said committee member Stephanie Elsea.

Committee member Marilyn Blickhan says the community dinner is the perfect time to share a meal and make a memory.

" This is something that is not income based. It's not based on anything except for the fact that you make the choice to come to our event."

Following the dinner, gifts were given to children who were in attendance.

Committee member Stephanie Elsea says shopping before the event for the kids is her favorite part.

" It's a lot of fun to go buy gifts for all of the kids and handing them out to the kids. It's really exciting."

In 2012, the dinner served around 500 people.

Now, committee members prepare a Christmas meal for 800 to 1,000 people.

Blickhan invites anyone who was unable to come this year to join next year.

" I love it all. I love it from the planning to the shopping to setting it up and watching the kids and watching the adults, just seeing everybody happy."

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