Missouri Attorney General will prosecute unlawful diggers

Even though Mother Nature has had a slight hiccup in the past week when it comes to spring weather, outdoor activities and chores are starting to become more frequent. With some of those outdoor chores, comes spring digging. As a result, Governor Jay Nixon has declared April as safe digging month. It is actually against the law to dig without getting your ground checked by a local inspector first. If damage is done to underground pipes or wires, you could face heavy fines from the attorney general of Missouri. The most notable case of poor digging practices was in Kansas City this past February when a building exploded in the plaza when a gas pipe was busted by diggers. Explosions arenâ??t the only danger either. You can put many people at risk when they need help the most.

â??There's also risk associated with if you get into underground telephone lines for instance. You could cut off phone service where someone isn't able to contact 911 for emergency services if they need to. So, there's multiple things that are buried underneath the ground whether they're gas lines, electric lines, water lines, sewer lines, telephone, cable. Any number of things that are not ordinarily visible to the public,â?? said Derek Leffert Field Manager for Missouri One Call System.

Inspections are free of charge and you must call 3 days in advance before you start digging. You can call 811 for an inspector to come to your place for inspections or you can visit their website or call:

811 or 1-800-344-7483

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