Missouri employers will need to take necessary precautions with Amendment 2 passage

Medical Marijuana passed on the Missouri ballot in November. KTVO Angela Luna

Missouri became the one of the 33 states in the Union to legalize marijuana medically.

Employers in the Show-Me State will be getting prepared to follow specific guidelines.

Some employees will be using pot as medicine which could lead to some problems with human resources.

One of the issues involves testing positive for marijuana or narcotics in a drug test.

Attorney Lauren M. Sobaski discussed the difference.

"There is a difference between a narcotic and marijuana because a narcotic is not an illegal drug under federal law. Marijuana is still considered a drug under federal law so until that changes we cannot acknowledge them as the same," said Sobaski.

Sobaski also states employers should start getting ready now for new procedures to take place.

"They should be handling it now to be proactive. Some of the stuff they can take is reviewing some of their policies, training their managers, analyzing their drug testing policies and communicating their policies with their vendor that their using. Also regulating their DOT regulations and then also thinking about "what will we do if an employee were to test positive for medical marijuana " and will or will we not consider that a reasonable accommodation and start thinking through those what if questions before they are presented with them," said Sobaski.

Missouri employers may continue to enforce their drug-free policies even after the new law takes effect.

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