Mr. Fairfield statue pays tribute to his personality

The Gobble statue is located right in front of the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center./KTVO.

Fairfield, Iowa is honoring one of its most noteworthy residents.

Friday evening the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center unveiled the Lee T. Gobble statue.

The statue was sculpted by a group of artists to commemorate the man also known as “Mr. Fairfield.”

Mayor Ed Malloy says the statue not only honors Gobble and his contributions to the community, but also who he was as a person.

“Lee was that kind of person that when you saw him in public he always made you smile or made you laugh, or had a practical joke. So, I think as people see the statue they’re going to be reminded of those good times when Lee provided that for them,” said Malloy.

The statue features some of Gobble’s little quirks, such as always having his collar up, as a tribute to the kind of person he was.

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