Mt. Pleasant PD reminds retailers: Unregulated CBD is illegal in Iowa

    <p>Medical cannabis manufacturer MedPharm Iowa celebrated its grand opening in Des Moines Nov. 1, 2018/Caroline Cummings<br>{/p}

    The Mount Pleasant Police Department is reminding residents the open sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) products is illegal in Iowa.

    The department released a statement on social media Wednesday, after receiving word that a few retailers in the area had shown interest in placing CBD oil on their shelves.

    Several comments on the police department's Facebook post Wednesday suggest the sale of any CBD product with a THC content of less than three percent is legal under federal law.

    The 2018 farm bill may have legalized hemp at the federal level, but Iowa law only allows license holders to sell CBD products to registered patients.

    Iowa's medical cannabis bill, passed in 2017, currently permits the sale of therapeutic oil, creams and edible products at five dispensary locations across the state: Medpharm Iowa in Sioux City and Des Moines; Have a Heart Compassionate Care in Council Bluffs and Davenport; and Iowa Cannabis Company in Waterloo.

    A position statement issued by the Iowa Department of Public Health in December 2018 says the sale or possession of unregulated CBD violates state law, and Iowans found in violation of this rule will not be protected from criminal prosecution.

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