Murder suspect's attorney withdraws Motion to Withdraw

Accused murder Venhure Tsegay and his Attorney Alfredo Parrish during the May 3 hearing./Aish Menon.

The attorney for an Ottumwa man accused of First-Degree Murder has withdrawn his Motion to Withdraw.

That means a plea bargain for Venhure Tsegay will proceed.

Tsegay was set to enter a plea in the 2016 death of Christian Madeuno on May 3.

But at the last moment, Tsegay's attorney, Alfredo Parrish, asked the court for permission to withdraw as counsel.

Parrish didn't give a reason for the request in open court.

Judge Lucy Gamon delayed the plea hearing while she contemplated Parrish's request.

However, the matter seems to have resolved itself.

In a court filing last week, Parrish said that he has resolved solved the "breakdown in communication" with his client and he can continue his representation of Tsegay.

With that issue out of the way, Judge Gamon rescheduled the hearing for May 29.

If a jury had convicted the 20-year-old Tsegay of First-Degree Murder, it could have meant a mandatory life sentence.

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