Mystery monument installed on empty lot in Kirksville

Neighbors tell us they were puzzled about why a monument was installed on 1201 N. Centennial (KTVO)

A new tombstone like monument has appeared in an empty lot at the corner of Burton and Centennial in Kirksville.

Neighbors KTVO spoke to are puzzled about who may have put it here, and what it might mean.

After doing some investigating, we’ve found out that the empty lot was purchased last July by Charles "Terry" Kelly, most recently of St. Louis, according to the county assessor's office.

Terry's relatives in Kirksville say he, and six other siblings, grew up in the home on the property in the 1940s.

His parent's names are Fred and Lena, and they also had Jack, Rose, Pat, Joe, Ed, and Mike.

Those are the same names that are etched on the monument on 1201 N. Centennial.

Neighbors told KTVO that the home where the stone now stands was torn down in the past year or so.

The monument was just put up in the past couple weeks.

Seven trees have also recently been planted on the lot.

Family members told us a reunion is being planned for early July for all to view the monument.

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