National police week recognizes sacrifice and dedication of officers

National police week recognizes sacrifice and dedication of officers

Police officers from all across the country are gathering in Washington D.C. this week to recognize and honor law enforcement officers.

Sunday marked the start of National Police Week, and Tuesday is Peace Officers Memorial Day.

It’s a dangerous job, with around the clock shifts.

“Officers work a lot of weekends, a lot of holidays, so they sacrifice a lot of family time,” said Kirksville Police Deputy Chief Steve Farnsworth.

Police officers are being recognized for their sacrifice and dedication.

Events in Washington D.C. to honor fallen officers draw in as many as 40,000 people, according to the National Police Week website.

“Across the nation and in different towns, Jefferson City, and the state of Missouri have different vigils, candlelight vigils, things like that,” Farnsworth said.

The city of Kirksville issued a proclamation that National Police Week be observed locally.

Farnsworth told KTVO that the week serves as a way to not only thank police officers for their service, but also for residents to know what officers do too throughout the entire year.

“It’s important for all across the country to be in memory of all the officers who have fallen in the line of duty, but it’s also important for our officers and the community to remember what they have to go through, the sacrifices with their family, their job protecting the community,” Farnsworth said.

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