NEMO fugitive who fled U.S. will serve 7 years

    The La Plata, Missouri, fugitive who fled to the Ukraine will now serve a 7-year prison sentence that was originally suspended. (Adair County Sheriff's Office)<p>{/p}

    A northeast Missouri fugitive who broke his probation by fleeing the country and seeking refuge in the Ukraine is now going to make a prison in Missouri his home.

    It is all the result of the wanted man documenting his foreign travels on Facebook.

    The Adair County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday that Matthew McCloud, 27, of La Plata, will now be serving a seven-year sentence for a 2016 forgery case in Adair County.

    At a hearing in Kirksville on Monday, Judge Russell Steele revoked Mc-Cloud's probation and ordered him to serve his sentence that had originally been suspended.

    In October 2018, federal agents captured McCloud in Texas as he re-entered the United States.

    Sheriff Robert Hardwick said McCloud had left the U.S. in September 2018 to avoid prosecution.

    McCloud was wanted on two Adair County warrants as well as a Randolph County probation warrant.

    The sheriff said the fugitive traveled to the Ukraine and stayed for a while, then he traveled to Bogota, Colombia, for a short stay.

    McCloud then made his way to Mexico and arrived in Texas in October 2018.

    Hardwick worked with federal and international agencies to apprehend McCloud.

    The sheriff said possible federal charges may be filed as a result of McCloud’s international travel.

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