New audit underway at Heartland hospital

Putnam County Memorial Hospital (KTVO)

A new audit is now underway at the Putnam County Memorial Hospital in Unionville.

The last audit gave the hospital the lowest possible rating, and uncovered what State Auditor Nicole Galloway said was essentially a billing scheme.

The first audit done by Galloway’s office was released in August.

It examined the hospital’s billing procedure. Galloway said the hospital acted as a shell company for questionable lab practices and billings that were happening across the country.

“We are conducting a follow up audit to determine if the board has improved their oversight, and to monitor the financial condition of the Putnam County Memorial Hospital,” Galloway said.

The group that operates Putnam County Hospital told KTVO in August that the practices questioned in the audit were perfectly legal.

Galloway told KTVO that information from the audit released in August was turned over to law enforcement at the federal and local level.

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