9-year-old boy breaks state archery record

Bailyn Halley, 9, of Novinger, with his collection of archery awards (KTVO)

A 9-year-old boy from Novinger, Missouri, is right on target with his bow and arrow skills.

Archery started out as something fun for Bailyn Halley to do with his dad, and has now transformed to him being one of the best archers in the state.

After getting off the bus, before heading to baseball practice, Bailyn spends a few minutes practicing his archery skills with his dad and little brother.

He and his family also head to East Fork Archery in Huntsville, Missouri, once a week to practice at the indoor range.

He’s been working on his archery skills since he was five years old.

“I got started because of my dad when he was shooting outside, and I said I wanted to shoot with him,” Bailyn explained.

“I really like archery because you get what you put into it,” said Bailyn’s dad, Tyler Halley. “I think it helps kids build confidence because they see if they work hard at it they do better.”

All of the practice has paid off, Bailyn broke a state record at the Missouri Bow Hunters State Indoor Tournament.

“We really didn’t know until they started giving the awards out, we never looked at the state records, and then when they gave the awards out, we were kind of surprised,” said Tyler.

The record, which also includes the age group of archers up to twelve-years-old, was 599.

Bailyn shot a perfect score of 600.

He still aspires to get better though, and enjoys the time spent in his yard, practicing with his dad.

“We’re going to keep doing it as long as he still has fun doing it,” Tyler said.

The Halley’s encourage anyone who’s interested in archery to give it a try.

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