No dough for Highway 63 expansion

Public officials from Missouri and Iowa gathered in Kirksville for the Annual Highway 63 Summit Wednesday.

MoDOT says they plan to work closely with Iowa's Department of Transportation to expand Highway 63 North of Kirksville to Ottumwa. We asked MoDOT's District Engineer the possibility of Schuyler County passing a sales tax to fund the project.

Right now there's no funding to build it. Any further expansion projects on 63 North of Kirksville, we really haven't discussed the types of funding necessary to make that happen, so to say it's out of the question that that would happen in the future, I don't know. But we would certainly be interested in partnering with anybody that could help us make that project a reality, said District Engineer Dan Niec. Niec discussed the project with officials from Ottumwa, Davis County, and Pulaski, Iowa. He says the expansion could be a four-lane highway or passing lanes, depending on how much funding they have.

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