Noreuil withdraws from Ottumwa election for military duty

The voting registration desk at the Ottumwa Courthouse (KTVO)

The race for Ottumwa city council is down to six candidates.

Ashley Noreuil announced on her campaign Facebook page that she is withdrawing from the race.

Noreuil says she has been called up by the Marines Corps and will be unable to serve on the city council.

Unfortunately, it's too late to get her name off the ballot for next week's city council primary or the general election ballot.

Votes are scheduled to head to the polls next Tuesday to winnow the field from seven candidates to six.

In November, voters will fill three council seats from the remaining six candidates.

If she were to win a council seat, Noreuil would have to resign.

She would then be replaced by either special election or appointment.

In September, the ballot for mayor also lost one of its four candidates.

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