OCSD heads 'SparkTank' program

The SparkTank program will be held at 325 E. Main St./KTVO

Ottumwa High School students will get the chance to work directly with local businesses this school year.

For the first time, the school district is hosting ‘SparkTank.’ That is program in which students will engage with local companies to help improve their employ-ability and technical skills.

The district’s Director of Innovative Programming, Jeff Kirby, says 15 juniors and seniors have already signed up.

“We also hear a lot about employ-ability skills. The term soft skills gets thrown around a lot, you know, and those things about showing up on time, staying off your cell phone and we really wanted to find an authentic way to work with businesses, so this is the way we’ve gone about that,” said Kriby.

The students will meet at an off-campus location on the 300-block of Main Street.

Kirby says that building will reflect a more creative work space.

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