Old Iron Show features antique and unique tractors

Nearly 50 items were on display during Eldon's Old Iron Show./KTVO. 

The Old Iron Show is back in town in Eldon, Iowa for its 5th year. Attendees got the chance to look at some old farming equipment including horse plows, old cars and even some tractors.

“A lot of young people don’t ever get to see this, it stays away in a barn or out on the farm or something. And, also the guys like to come and show their stuff off,” said Craig Brown, a member of the Eldon Masonic Lodge.

Matthew Lanman is the owner of a 1935 John Deere AR. He says he owns about 15 old-school tractors. Although Lanman prefers John Deere’s because he likes the sound they make, he says the company’s tractors are known for being reliable and affordable.

“John Deere’s were popular for their reliability. They were just easy to start. Two cylinders versus a lot of internationals had four cylinders. So, two cylinder engines were cheaper and easier to start. There were less parts on them and that’s one of the reasons John Deere became so popular,” Lanman said.

Lanman and his John Deere tractors weren’t the only ones attendees could see at the Old Iron Show. There was also a unique Gibson tractor that owner Charles Wilkinson says is hard to come by.

“We don’t even know how old it is because there’s no serial number on it, and the company went bankrupt and they burned all the records. And, as a far as I know, this is only the second one I know of,” Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson says this tractor is made solely from spare parts. He estimates it to be from the 1940s.

All the proceeds from Eldon’s Old Iron Show went towards helping maintain the Wapello County Fairgrounds.

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