OPD: Man bashes victim's head with glass mug

Photos: Wapello County Jail

A family argument at an Ottumwa household escalated quickly this month.

One of the men involved is now facing felony charges, after police say he bashed a family member in the head with a glass mug.

Martin Duran, 24, of Ottumwa, was arrested and charged Friday with two counts of Willful Injury, a Class D Felony, and Aggravated Domestic Abuse.

A second suspect, Hector Duran-Tellez, 27, is also charged this week, with Domestic Abuse Assault, Causing Bodily Injury, Violation of a Restraining Order and Interference with Official Acts.

Court records show Martin Duran grabbed the mug and struck the victim several times, causing lacerations and abrasions to their face and head. Police say Duran and the victim were living together at the time of the incident.

According to the criminal complaint, Hector Duran-Tellez, listed as homeless, used to live in the same house. Authorities say Duran-Tellez took a few swings at his step father, punching him multiple times in the face. The records also show a no contact order was in place, and Duran-Tellez was not allowed to be there. He's still in custody at the Wapello County Jail on a $1,000 bond. Duran-Tellez is ordered to appear for his arraignment Aug. 1.

Duaran has since been released from custody. He's scheduled to appear in court for his initial appearance July 6.

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