OPD: Reported Ottumwa kidnapping not a criminal act

(MGN Online)

A reported kidnapping attempt in the City of Bridges was in fact a misunderstanding.

On Sunday around 4 p.m., the Ottumwa Police Department responded to an attempted kidnapping at the Quincy Place Mall in Ottumwa. It was reported that a man had attempted to take a child from the Old School Arcade in the mall.

KTVO spoke to the sergeant on duty on Monday to follow up. That officer said an older man with dementia approached a woman and her child in the arcade.

The man said some strange things. Police were called because the man was acting in an odd manner.

There was no attempted kidnapping, and no charges have been filed.

On Sunday afternoon, officers told KTVO that they were investigating the incident as a kidnapping attempt.

The Ottumwa Police Department issued the following statement Monday regarding Sunday's incident:

"On Sunday, February 10th, 2019 at approximately 4:00 pm, the Ottumwa Police Department received a report of a disturbance at the Quincy Place Mall located at 1110 N. Quincy. Further reports indicated that an older, male subject attempted to leave with someone’s child and a Good Samaritan was detaining the subject.
Officers arrived on scene and began an investigation. During the investigation the subject was identified and it was discovered that the subject did NOT forcefully take “possession” of any child. However the subject verbally stated he wanted a child and gestured as if he would grab the child. It was also discovered that the subject suffers from advanced mental illnesses creating diminished capacity.
This subject was detained and medical services were sought. This investigation is on-going and no criminal charges have been filed at this time."

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