Ottumwa shows off possible downtown upgrades

Residents can enjoy the temporary improvements from the Better Block Project through the weekend./KTVO.

Ottuwma is making major moves to revitalize its downtown area.

Thursday, the city kicked off the “Better Block Project” to show residents what the town could look like if they made certain improvements.

Better Block Project Manager Monica Diodati says although the organization does this work in cities all across the Heartland, Ottumwa’s history has an interesting advantage.

“It’s been really great working with Ottumwa because the downtown is just so beautiful already with all the historic buildings. So, we were really excited to be able to work here with this kind of backdrop,” said Diodati.

As part of the project, part of the street on the 300-block of Main Street has been painted. They’ve also added plants, trees and even some temporary new businesses.

Residents can enjoy the new-look throughout the weekend.

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