Ottumwa city officials attend Legislative Day

Tuesday was Legislative Day for the city of Ottumwa.

Ottumwa City Council members Jeremy Weller and Bob Meyers and Ottumwa City Administrator Joe Helfenberger traveled to the capital building in Des Moines and met with Representative Mary Gaskill and Senator Mark Chelgren.

One of the topics discussed was police and fire pension and retirement.

Councilman Weller said the city got stuck with a 4% increase on their retirement pension which takes it up to 30%. In other words, if someoneâ??s making $60,000 a year thatâ??s roughly $18,000 that comes from the city.

â??When you start talking about 40 officers, 30 fireman, 70 people -- that many adds up so we did advocate ,not that we don't want to see an increase, but maybe we see that increase with the employee -- maybe their increase their contribution rate goes up a little bit so the city isn't stuck with 100% of it,â?? said Weller.

Weller said the day is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and be on the same page.

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