Ottumwa residents can learn how the Police Department operates

The program will begin on Monday, Feb. 4th and will go on until March 25. (KTVO)

Residents of the City of Bridges will soon be able to lean about the work police officers do.

The Ottumwa Police Department will be holding their 2019 Annual Citizens Police Academy.

The sessions will begin on Feb. 4 and will be held every Monday until March 25. Citizens will learn about investigations, the equipment officers use and about the emergency response team.

Those who attend the program will also have the opportunity to meet and learn more about the police officers.

“What’s good about this class is that we get to know the people, they get to know their police department, they get to know some of their officers and they get a realistic view of what’s going on in our community. They get to see the professionalism of the employees of our department. We talk about what steps employees have to go through to become police officers—it’s not easy," said Ottumwa's Police Department Chief Tom McAndrew.

The program is free of charge. The deadline to apply is Dec. 27.

Applications are available at Ottumwa's Police Department or online HERE.

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