Ottumwa School Board veep has a long history of drunk driving

Alex Barr who was arrested this weekend for O-W-I has a long history of long history of drinking and driving. (Wapello County Jail)

The Ottumwa School Board vice president arrested this weekend for OWI has a long history of drinking and driving.

Alex Barr was arrested early Saturday morning after police found him passed out in his car in downtown Ottumwa.

Barr is facing one count of OWI First Offense, however, Barr has been arrested three other times for drunk driving.

The first two arrests happened in Webster County in 2001 and 2005.

More recently, Barr was arrested last May in Ottumwa, again after being found passed out in his car. He was granted a deferred prosecution in that case, meaning it would have been dropped if he had stayed out of trouble.

KTVO asked Wapello County Attorney Gary Oldenburger why Barr is only facing a first-offense charge this time. He explained the Webster County charges are too old to count against him.

As for the 2017 charge, because the prosecution was deferred, Barr technically hasn't been convicted. Oldenburger did tell KTVO that he has already asked a judge to rescind the deferred prosecution meaning Barr will likely face consequences in that case as well.

Prior to his arrest in May of 2017, Barr served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Ottumwa School District. He was resigned that position in June.

Barr was elected to the Ottumwa School Board in September 2017.

KTVO asked Barr for a comment on the situation. He declined to do so on the advice of counsel.

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