Ottumwa school board VP arrested for drunk driving ... again

Alex Barr was arrested on early Saturday morning./Wapello County Jail

The vice president of the Ottumwa School Board has been arrested for drunk driving.

According to online court records, Alex Barr was arrested early Saturday morning.

The criminal complaint says Barr was passed out in his car at the intersection of North Court and Third streets just after 1 a.m.

Barr failed a field sobriety test and then declined to take a breath test.

He was arrested for OWI last summer under similar circumstances. Online court records show that he was given a deferred prosecution in that case.

Barr formerly worked for the Ottumwa School District as the Chief Financial Officer.

Ottumwa School Board President Leisa Walker issued the following statement via email.

"The Iowa Association of School Boards establishes board standards to provide a framework for school board governance. Under the category of ethics, they state, "School board members model ethical and legal behaviors which enable the board to stay focused on district goals. Board members understand the importance of personal ethics so, district employees and students recognize this and follow the lead of the board when working with each other and conducting their jobs or completing schoolwork. Board members should act in a professional manner as befitting the role of an elected official and a representative of the school district."
We as a board, must hold our members to the same ethical standards as our employees. The public trust is broken when we condone behavior from a board member that would result in termination from a district employee."

KTVO reached out to Barr for comment, on the advice of counsel he declined to do so.

Barr was released from custody Saturday on a $1,000 bond. He has pleaded not guilty to the crime.

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