Ottumwa School District to upgrade website

The Ottumwa School District will be making some upgrades to its website this summer.

District officials say it was high time for an upgrade, but the changes won't be drastic. The address will remain the same and the public will still be able to access the same information. The majority of the changes come in an upgrade to the layout and design.

The revamp also means the district's EdAlert system will be discontinued, however, a new system will be launched in its place.

"We will launch in August a new system that will actually be connected to our student information system, it's called Power Announcement," said Kim Hellige, Community Programs Director with the Ottumwa School District. "And the best part for us is it's free, but it also links with our student information system and so every student in our district will already be linked to Power Announcement."

About 4,000 people were signed up for emergency or news alerts through EdAlert, however those people won't automatically be enrolled in Power Announcement. Hellige said the district will make an announcement when the system launches in August on how each household can sign up for alerts via text or e-mail.

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