Ottumwa schools awarded for promoting healthy snacks

Wilson and Liberty Elementary Schools were recognized for their efforts in promoting healthier eating habits./KTVO.

Two Ottumwa Elementary Schools were recognized for their efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Both Wilson and Liberty elementary schools were given the silver award for the Healthier US School Challenge: Smarter Lunchroom. As part of the award, the schools were given $1,000.

Wilson Elementary Principal Jeff Hendred says the school has implemented the “Pick a Better Snack” program to help teach students healthier food options.

“Even though it’s something the family may not buy regularly, it gives a chance for a child to have an awareness for that and then we trust that carries over when they’re growing older to pick a better snack, versus potato chips or a soda drink – which have nutritional value, but not to the value of fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Hendred.

Hendred says they’ll continue to do introduce programs like this one to students. In the future, he says he hopes to have fitness clubs that will engage students in more physical activities.

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