Ottumwa stabbing victim: 'I didn't feel the pain for a few minutes'

Ottumwa police officers made an arrest Saturday in connection to a motel stabbing last week/KTVO

Ottumwa police officers made an arrest Saturday in connection to a motel stabbing last week.

Around 7:15 a.m. Saturday, Nelson Yobani Mendoza, 31, of Ottumwa, was arrested at the Ottumwa Super 8 motel. He is now charged with Willful Injury, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Interference with Official Acts and a Parole Violation.

KTVO learned last week’s stabbing occurred at a different motel in Ottumwa. We went to talk to the victim at the Colonial Motor Inn Tuesday morning to find out what happened.

“You hear about these people getting shot and stuff…gosh, no wonder people don’t want to get involved,” said Mike Davis, stabbing victim.

Davis was just minding his own business Wednesday morning when an unexpected visitor came to his doorstep.

“Yeah, (they were) wanting my son and his girlfriend. I told them that they were on their way, so they waited outside and I heard my son pull up,” Davis said.

It seemed harmless. Up until Davis heard yelling, so he went outside. Davis said he saw the suspect pushing his son’s girlfriend up against a nearby fence, but when he tried to step in and stop the suspect from doing so, he got stabbed in the back.

“I saw the knife after he had stabbed me, and then the adrenaline was kind of taking over, and I didn’t feel the pain for a few minutes there until afterwards,” Davis said.

After that, Davis said the suspect drove away.

“I got stabbed over stupidity,” Davis said. “It was an inch deep, three stitches, lined up right with my kidneys.”

Lt. Jason Bell told KTVO Mendoza didn't get very far in the vehicle that day. A few hours later, Bell said officers found the truck lodged against a tree, but Mendoza wasn't in sight.

The investigation led authorities to the Super 8 a few days later, where police say Mendoza physically resisted arresting officers.

Bell said Mendoza previously lived in California, and he had outstanding arrest warrants there. Mendoza is currently on Fresno, California's Top 10 Most Wanted List, stemming from a carjacking incident in November 2016.

Mendoza is still in custody at the Wapello County Jail on $9,000 bond.

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