Owner of dangerous building arrested

Anita Woodburn, the owner of a now-demolished building in Edina, Mo., was arrested Tuesday in Shannon County (Photo: Shannon County Sheriff's Office)

The owner of a dangerously dilapidated building in Edina has been arrested.

The Edina Sentinel first reported that Anita Woodburn, the owner of the “Old Stagecoach Building” at 100 South Main St. in Edina, taken into custody Tuesday afternoon by authorities in Shannon County in southern Missouri. The arrest was for a Knox County warrant issued last year after Woodburn failed to appear in court. Her building was determined to be in violation of city ordinances.

The structure had been partially demolished in May 2016 after being declared unsafe, but the demolition was never completed.

Monday morning, another portion of the building collapsed, briefly blocking traffic on Highway 6. Later that day, the City of Edina took emergency measures to tear down the remainder of Woodburn’s building.

KHQA-TV reports that the city has applied for an emergency grant to pay for the building’s demolition.

Woodburn was released from Shannon County jail on $2,500 bond Wednesday morning.

According to the Sentinel, Woodburn is expected to appear in Knox County court later this month.

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