Part of Highway 63 is now "Harriet Beard Highway"

A special celebration was held in Kirksville Sunday to recognize and honor Harriet Beard. -KTVO

A Heartland woman was honored Sunday for her contribution and service to northeast Missouri.

A special celebration was held in Kirksville to recognize and honor Harriet Beard at the Dr. Ruth W. Towne Museum and Visitors Center on the campus of Truman State University .

This recognition was made possible by legislation introduced by Missouri State Representative Nate Walker during the First Session of the 98th Missouri General Assembly.

Representative Walker introduced House Bill Number 34, which was passed out of the Missouri House of Representatives and later was truly agreed and finally passed as Senate Substitute for Senate Committee Substitute for House Bill Number 522, House Bill Number 34, House Bill Number 133, House Bill Number 134, House Bill Number 810, House Bill Number 338 and House Bill Number 873. The legislation was signed by Governor Jay Nixon and went into effect on August 28th, 2015.

House Bill 34 designates a portion of Highway 63 as the "Harriet Beard Highway." This legislation was introduced to recognize and honor Beard for her endless efforts to support better and safer roads in northeast Missouri and the entire state.

"We need to keep working to finish the job and get to Iowa. We have to continue to work with MoDOT and help with all the roads and bridges between there, so there are challenges ahead of us. But I was overcome with all the nice things people said today," Beard said.

The "Harriet Beard Highway" will go from from the Adair-Macon County line to the northern border of the city limits of the City of Kirksville.

Leaders from both the local and state levels were present at the event to congratulate Beard on all her hard work and efforts. Even all of Beard's family and life-long friends attended and shared their memories.

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